Why was 'high-risk' rapist let out of jail to claim 8th victim?

Why was 'high-risk' rapist Nicky Suddons let out of jail to claim 8th victim? | Mail Online

Given life for seven sex attacks, so why was 'high-risk' rapist let out of jail to claim 8th victim? Masked inmate attacked woman with a knife on his lunch break
Nicky Suddons originally jailed for sex attacks on women and girls in 2004Was ordered to serve minimum four years as he was 17 at time of offencesAllowed out to carry out painting and decorating work ahead of parole
While out he put together a 'rape kit' of balaclava, glove and knifeHe lay in wait for victim in a local park - whose dog attacked him and he fledJustice Secretary Chris Grayling has now ordered an 'urgent review'

By Lucy Osborne and Jack Doyle

PUBLISHED:07:32 EST, 12 December 2013| UPDATED:19:51 EST, 12 December 2013


Nicky Suddons, 26, was originally jailed for seven sex attacks on women and girls in Manchester carried out during a two month reign of terror back in 2004
Nicky Suddons, 26, was originally jailed for seven sex attacks on women and girls in Manchester carried out during a two month reign of terror back in 2004

A notorious rapist used a knife to launch a savage sex attack on a woman walking her dog - after he was let out of prison for a day on 'work experience'.

Nicky Suddons was jailed for life aged 17 for a rape and six other serious assaults on women and a girl aged 13.

But granted day release from his 'open' jail he assembled a 'rape kit' containing a knife, balaclava and rubber gloves.

He even included condoms to stop police tracing him through DNA.

Left unsupervised during his lunch break, he tried to rape a woman in her 50s as she walked her Labrador in woods near Grantham, Lincolnshire.

His victim was only saved because the dog turned on Suddons.

After he was found guilty of attempted rape in just an hour yesterday, the judge described the case as 'very worrying'.

Judge Sean Morris said: 'You may wonder what on earth was going on.

Someone gets life and they are out wandering around Grantham.'

Last night Justice Secretary Chris Grayling ordered an immediate probe into what happened.

Mr Grayling said: 'This is a truly horrifying case and one that needs to be investigated thoroughly.

'I'm determined to get to the bottom of what went wrong and to take forward any lessons learnt from the reviews I have commissioned.

More...'It was like a scene from Psycho': Grandfather describes the moment he saw his wife stabbed to death by his grandson 'while he was on a legal high'Pensioner, 65, 'killed 64-year-old driver with two punches to the head in row over disabled parking space just days after victim was told he had beaten cancer'
'In future when people are released on temporary licence I want to see them tagged so we can better monitor where they are and where they have been.'

After his initial crime spree in his teens, Suddons, now 26, became known as the 'Yellow Brick Road' rapist, after the area of Manchester where he carried out his attacks.

He committed seven sex attacks on women and girls in 2004. Vigrx Plus The former lifeguard - who boasted about his attacks on social media sites - said he carried out the knifepoint assaults for kicks and regarded himself as 'untouchable'.

The judge in the case warned he had 'an extremely high risk of reoffending' and described him as a 'highly dangerous young man'.
Suddons collected together a 'rape kit' including a balaclava, rubber gloves, condoms and a Stanley knife and went on to attempt to rape a middle-aged woman after disappearing from his work placement
Suddons collected together a 'rape kit' including a balaclava, rubber gloves, condoms and a Stanley knife and went on to attempt to rape a middle-aged woman after disappearing from his work placement and going to Queen Elizabeth Park where he lay in wait for a victim

Suddons was given a life sentence with a minimum term of just four years, making him eligible for release around four years ago. In December last year, the Parole Board ordered he be moved to North Sea Camp open prison. It also ordered that, because of his age when convicted, he must be given work experience during the day.

From March he was let out to do painting and decorating work on a church property in Grantham. Each day as part of his work placement, Suddons was granted an hour's unsupervised lunch break. During this time he was able to walk unmonitored through the riverside park that is popular withmothers and their children.

On June 28 during his unsupervised break, he walked half an hour to nearby Queen Elizabeth Park to attempt his horrific assault in broad daylight.
Prisoners free to roam without proper checks

His victim told Lincoln CrownCourt she turned around to find herself face to face with a masked manbrandishing a knife. As she fell to the ground and screamed, he stood over her and warned 'don't scream'.

She told the jury: 'My eyes were fixed on the knife and the mask. His thumb was on the Stanley knife as if the blade was ready to be flicked.' He only backed off as the dog lunged - and was caught by a passer-by.

Outlining the contents of the'rape kit', David Outterside, prosecuting, said: 'What was on his mind was rape. This time he was prepared and absolutely determined not to be caught. He was caught red-handed.'

Suddons admitted attacking the woman but denied he intended to rape her.

He remains in custody and is due to be sentenced.

Hehad an earlier conviction in 2002, when he was 14, for assaulting a 12-year-old girl. He was jailed for life by Manchester Crown Court in 2005 after admitting one rape and six sexual assaults on victims aged between 13 and 28. Last night local MP Nick Boles said: 'It is extremelytroubling when convicted criminals are released on some form of probation and are in a position to go on committing crimes.

'I make no criticism of the church, who weren't responsible for acting as jailers. But we need to be sure they are properly supervised. There mustbe appropriate checks to ensure prisoners are properly rehabilitated before they are allowed into the community.'

It is the second recenthigh profile case involving a life sentence inmate from North Sea Camp in Lincolnshire on work placement.

In October 2012, Lee Cyrus went on the run after being let out on day release for work, committing five counts of exposure, wounding with intent, unlawful wounding, affray, aggravated burglary, robbery and burglary. He is due to be sentenced at the Old Bailey this month.

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mr nohope,guildford,11 hours ago

Are we surprised? NO.He is clearly a sick individual and should be removed from the community for a very long time. Perhaps if those people in authority who dream up these ludicrously lenient sentences were personally affected by such crime then things would change.
New Comment2244Click to rate
Old Codger,London,11 hours ago

Chemically castrate the animal then lock him up for 20 years.
ReplyNew4197Click to rate
diable,London, United Kingdom,11 hours ago

Name and shame the parol board....
New Comment1199Click to rate
SGinNC,Fayettevile,11 hours ago

I'm sure that who ever authorized this mans release is being disciplined as we speak. /sarc
ReplyNew3163Click to rate
dav,manchester, United Kingdom,11 hours ago

its the people that let him out that should be up before the courts.
New Comment1162Click to rate
DrMallard,West Palm Beach FL USA,11 hours ago

Too bad that dog didn't bite him where it would have done the most good.
ReplyNew1174Click to rate
scarlett,right here,11 hours ago

So we can't even trustprisoners to be locked up and punished when they should be
New Comment2152Click to rate
fairycakss,neverland,11 hours ago

Thank goodness she had her dog with her!
ReplyNew1164Click to rate
Evelyn Broughton,Essex, United Kingdom,11 hours ago

Our justice system is so appalling and weak that if Myra Hindley and Ian Brady committed those horrifying murders in this day and age, they would have only got 25 years each with time off for good behaviour. The publics safety is no longer of any importance to the judiciary when it comes to sentencing.
New Comment1149Click to rate
Rob,Newton - UK,11 hours ago

How is four years a life sentence?
ReplyNew3172Click to rate
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